Hi Y’all, I am Christi Cooper, all Southern and and a Little Sass.
I am a little quirky and maybe a little eccentric, but I own it.  I harness the uniqueness of my combined gifts to create beautiful intuitive interior and home designs, drawing on the energy of my clients for inspiration.  I love to laugh out loud and poke fun at myself and others. I enjoy bringing a little bit of joy into the world each day and sharing it with others, even if it is just a smile as I walk by.  I am an ENFP – Type 2 individual who sees the potential in people and situations. Life is messy and not perfect, but I embrace the perfectly imperfect, put on my rose colored glasses and keep moving.  As long as we keep moving in any direction but backward, we are moving forward even if it is at an angle. Angled lines in art make any picture more dynamic and interesting, just as in life.

Hi all.  I am so glad you joined me for my blog introduction.  

So let’s get the boring about me stuff out of the way first.  Maybe I should just start with yada yada yada, or is that even said in your neck of the woods?  Jump to the last paragraph if you want the real skinny on who I am. But if you really want to learn about my creds and experience, just keep reading.

 I have over 30 years in the architecture and interior design industry offering full service design for residential, multi family housing and commercial projects. My expertise is space planning for life (others may call it functional design) and floor plan review as I work with residential contractors and individuals, multifamily housing contractors, and architects to develop beautifully functional designs.

 I am blessed to have a small design studio in my home town where we create one of a kind custom home fashions in our in house workroom. I have won several international awards for my custom window treatment designs and proudly provide Hunter Douglas products to my clients.

As a big picture person and a natural problem solver, I love guiding homeowners by helping them discover solutions and strategies for their home design needs.  Whether they are tackling the project themselves or hiring contractors for the project, the basic challenges are the same. I especially love to help diyers solve unique design problems and work with many diy clients developing strategies to tackle projects in their homes.  There is no bigger reward than to run into a couple of clients (they did not know they had both worked with me) having lunch together and they pull out their cell phones to show me the progress on their projects as they beamed with pride of what they had accomplished with a little guidance and encouragement from me.

The opportunity to write for Marvelous Magazine, allows me to share my passion and silly side with others as I teach the readers design tips and tricks mixed in with a life lesson or two.  I have shared my love of design over the years teaching at professional conferences, community education courses, and getting up in front of pretty much anyone that will let me talk, because I love to talk and share the fun things about design and decorating, whether it is how to make a 1 minute centerpiece, 2 minute mantle Christmas overhaul, or how to select the perfect paint color.  


Ok! Now to the fun stuff. I am a true southern girl at heart from a long line of strong self made southern women.  Some would say like whiskey in a teacup, strong in a dainty package. I am a self professed syfy and fantasy junkie and I can’t start a day without coffee.  In my world coffee is the giver of life, or at least it makes the lives of the others around me more pleasant. I am a proud owner of a “she shed” and enjoy experimenting with all types of artistic endeavours, including painting, drawing, and building things.  Gadgets are my jam and I have an affinity for all things office supply like, including notebooks, pens, pencils, binders, folders, fuzzy pom pom paper clips and organizing items which I will never use the way they were intended (at least my hopes aspirations and intentions were good when I bought them). I have better tools than my husband and most of the men I know.  I am probably one of the few women that gets tools on a regular basis for special occasions. Can anyone say table saw for Christmas and a newfangled drill with various life altering attachments including an offset head for my birthday?! I can! For me, it is a really close contest whether a hardware store or shoe warehouse is my happy place. I am sensitive, a bit sassy, and by all means always sweet because my mamma taught me you can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar.


Remember, we can build it better together.