Choosing Faucets

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent the last 15+ months washing your hands like crazy….and maybe you’re ready for a sink upgrade? (You’ve earned it!)

Let’s start with the FAUCET. One of my pet peeves is trying to wash my hands and not being able to fit them under a teensy faucet. (And I have small hands, y’all.) Scale is very important when picking out your faucet. It needs to be sized in proportion to the sink and be functional, not just decorative.

Some other key things to consider:

  • Materials ~ What are the insides of the faucet made of?
  • Efficiency ~ How much water does it use?
  • Durability ~ How long will it last? • Mounting Configuration ~ How is the faucet mounted? How do you prefer to control the water pressure and temperature? Do you want a single lever, two closely-spaced levers, or two wide-spaced levers?
  • Style ~ What does the faucet look like? What design aesthetic do you prefer (traditional, modern, minimalist, industrial, etc)?

Now that you’ve got a faucet picked out, you need a sink to go with it! Did you know that there are 7 common types of bathroom sinks? We’ll cover every single sink option (and how to pick the right one for YOU) inside Build It Better Together, my online course for building or remodeling your dream home. Hurry over and grab your spot here:

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