8 Creative Storage Hacks for KIDS

Kids may be small, but they come with BIG piles of stuff! Between birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and “just-because” gifts, it seems like mountains of toys suddenly appear out of nowhere. Decluttering is important, but we also need to think creatively to store and display our children’s playthings.

As a proud grandma, the subject of toy organization is near and dear to my heart. Here are some of my favorite unique and fun storage solutions for little ones:

Art Installation

Get creative with shelves and tubes to create a gallery-worthy storage unit. You could use the bottom of 5-gallon paint buckets cut down for the tubes and paint them fun colors with plastic-rated spray paint.


Toy Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears… oh my! If your mini menagerie has gotten out of control, it’s time to build a cage for all those critters. A great vertical storage option is to purchase some flat-backed wire planters and mount them on the wall.

Happy Feet

Ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night? Or some other tiny object that had become embedded in the carpet? Yeesh… it’s no fun! A drawstring bag makes it easy to corral all those little toy bits and bobs around the house. Your feet will thank you!

Small World

As parents and grands, we want to help our kiddos be as independent as possible. Separating toys by category makes it easy for kids to take out AND put away their own playthings. Instead of tossing everything into one big toy box, add drawer slides and rollouts to your shelves to organize all the small worlds together.

Hot Rod

Got dozens of matchbox cars on your hands? Install shallow shelves for easy wall storage (bonus: arrange by color for kid-friendly room decor!). Another creative idea is to purchase magnetic strips to hold all those Hot Wheels.

Locker Room

Add a touch of industrial style to a kids room with vintage or new lockers. They’re perfect for storing toys, books and more!

Barbie Girl

Barbies (and other small dolls) need a home of their own when they’re not being played with. Find some over-the-door or closet shoe bags for easy organization. You can even hang two bags back-to-back on a closet rod for double the storage with ease of access.

Bins Galore

Calling all of you parents who are a little extra… you know who you are! Bring on the boxes, baskets and bins! Who doesn’t love the look of a perfectly organized and labeled playroom? This shelf combo just makes my heart sing.

I hope that this inspires you to create some unique storage solutions for your kids. After all, who says putting away toys can’t be fun? Let me know your favorite kid organization tip in the comments!

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