DIY Your Way To Perfect Pantry Organization

Ahh, the pantry! Home of your snack stash, baking essentials, canned goods, and… lentils from 2017?? Yep, without the right system in place, the pantry does tend to become a black hole for random foods!

Since I love entertaining in the summertime, this is when I schedule my annual pantry cleanout. (Cue the dramatic music.) It got me thinking about pantry organization and dream pantries.

When I’m designing a kitchen, food storage and appropriate storage for odd-shaped or large appliances is a priority. Not everyone wants to display their chunky KitchenAid mixer, blender or other appliance on the countertop. This is where a pantry comes into play.

Where To Put The Pantry

The first key decision is whether the pantry will be part of the cabinetry or a separate room. A walk-in pantry is a nice feature, but in most homes the pantry needs to be one of the kitchen cabinets.

The most common pantry placement is next to the refrigerator or double oven. These cabinets are full height, at least 24 inches deep and allow for a unified kitchen design. Plus, it just makes sense to store all your food in the same area.

Pantry Design 101

There are TONS of pantry design options available to fit every space, lifestyle and budget:

  • Doors with roll-out shelves inside
  • Multi pantry flip-out system
  • Pullout pantry with an attached door (see image)

Ultimately, you want to pick a style that suits your space and allows you to see everything at a glance. No more digging in the back of the shelves!

How to Organize Your Pantry

If your pantry of choice lacks built-in organizational elements, consider a pantry shelving system from brands like Elfa, Rubbermaid or Closet Maid. The inside of your pantry door can be a great spot to hang a spice rack.

I love adding organization to a pantry with can racks, clear bins, airtight containers, baskets… even Mason jars! You can get as aesthetic or as simple as you want.

Oft-used items like pasta, flour and canned fish are best stored at eye-level, bulky items lower down and special-occasion items on the upper shelves. I like to keep baking supplies together in a bin for easy access.

However I must confess… the pictures in this post are my “pantry goals”, not “pantry reality”. Nice, neat, and organized. To be honest, most of the time that’s just not what my pantry looks like. Despite my best efforts, I still have the occasional “Where did THIS come from??” moment when cleaning out the pantry. Oh well, that’s life when you’re a busy, creative sort!

Since I am a nosey posey, let me finish by asking you some pertinent pantry questions:

Do you have a pantry, and if so, what kind?

Does your pantry function the way you want it to?

Are you team “bins and baskets” or team “shove and toss”?

Any pantry questions you would like me to answer?

Leave a comment and let me know!


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