How to Make Your Outdoor Space Magical

With summer coming on fast, it’s all about outdoor living right now! On beautiful sunny mornings, I just can’t resist taking my coffee out on the deck to listen to the birds sing.

Of course, sometimes the weather just plain doesn’t cooperate! Luckily, many people have covered porches and patios so they can enjoy the outdoors even in the gloomiest of weather. There are so many opportunities to create a true outdoor living space with “all the comforts of home” so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The secret is to plan your outdoor living space as you would an indoor space.

A bare patio sofa and a couple of weather-worn deck chairs from last season won’t cut it! Instead, think about what items make the inside of your house feel like home. Comfortable seating? Something soft underfoot? Coffee tables and end tables that don’t look like “outdoor furniture”? Decor and fresh flowers?

You get my drift. Personally, I love to cuddle up with a blanket and comfy pillows every evening. This could be a great addition to your outdoor space. Consider what elements make YOU feel at home, and find a way to

add those special touches outdoors.

If your space is covered and somewhat sheltered from the weather, don’t be afraid to bring out some “inside” accent pieces for a unique look.

For an uncovered outdoor living room, you’ll definitely want to stick to weatherproof options. The good news is that you’re no longer limited to generic “patio sets”. Nowadays, you can find beautiful chairs, sectionals and tables that look like real living room furniture. There are even outdoor fans and lamps available to cool off and light up your space.

Your outdoor living space can be bolder than your interior spaces, and it doesn’t necessarily have to coordinate with the rest of the house. This is your opportunity to have FUN and let your creativity run wild!

Bright throw pillows, candles, seasonal planters, vintage or handmade decor and hanging lanterns can make your space feel more personal. Add some amazing string lights or rope lighting for that magical touch. There’s nothing like sitting out on an illumined deck or patio on a warm summer night.

Create a space that is light and fresh in feeling. Choose accents that you would not normally choose for the inside of your home. There are so many fun colors and options to choose from for your outdoor living accessories. Be inspired and have fun with it! Make the most of summer and create amazing spaces in which to live, work, and play.

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